A Taste of Good Living: The Senior Citizen’s RestaurantAnchoring point for a humanistic care philosophy Hans Becker


This book is a must-read for anyone contemplating to invest in innovation of contemporary elderly care institutions and nursing homes. It presents compelling arguments as to why a citizens’ senior restaurant is such a powerful medium to enrich a senior citizen’s mind, heart and soul. In its twelve chapters, lavishly illustrated with vivid colour photographs, you will learn about the important role citizens’ senior restaurant can play as a place where elderly people can feel at home. They stimulate memories and serve as conversation pieces for the elderly, their family and their care-givers. The author outlines his unique and thought-provoking Humanistic Care philosophy, which presupposes that sharing memories is one of the vital ingredients for a happy and fulfilled old age. The book offers guidelines for care professionals, teachers, volunteers and family.

Hans Becker (1942) served for twenty years as Chairman of the Board of the Humanistic Foundation Rotterdam and as Professor of Humanizing Care at the Utrecht university for Humanistics, the Netherlands.