Chasing, capturing and spreading ideas (ebook)TEDx and mind mapping Hans Buskes


Ideas can be worth millions of dollars up to billion of dollars. Why are some companies more successful than others in chasing ideas? Better in capitalising on ideas?

TED is a nonprofit organisation devoted to ideas. Its motto being ideas worth spreading. The success of TED Talks demonstrates that millions of people want to be inspired by ideas.

Hans Buskes is a successful mind map consultant helping companies to be more effective and creative in ideation. Mind maps are perfect tools to chase, capture and spread ideas.

When the first TEDxDelft was created in the spirit of TED’s mission “ideas worth spreading” and Hans Buskes was asked to live mind map all talks, the match was perfect. Mind maps to capture and spread ideas.

This compact ebook shows briefly what a mind map is and when it is effective. It contains all mind maps of the TEDxDelft Talks and helps spreading the powerful ideas to a wider audience.