Pioneering Minds Worldwide: the Series Olaf Kuhlke, Annick Schramme, Rene Kooyman, Giep Hagoort, Aukje Thomassen,


Set of the following books: Pioneering Minds Worldwide, Beyond Frames, Creating Cultural Capital.

Set of the following books:

Pioneering Minds Worldwide
This book covers the key-elements of the entrepreneurial dimension of the Cultural and Creative industries, with concepts and perspectives on Urban Area Development, Innovations and Educational perspectives. The authors cover 16 different countries, both in Europe, the America’s and China.

Beyond Frames
In this book we face the complexity of three inter-dependant topics within the creative en cultural industry: the Entrepreneurial Spirit, the Urban Environment and Knowledge Institutions.

Creating Cultural Capital
In this book, we bring together over fifty scholars from across the globe to shed light on what we collectively call ‘cultural entrepreneurship’ – the training of professionals for the creative industries who will be change agents and resourceful visionaries that organize cultural, financial, social and human capital, to generate revenue from a cultural and creative activity.






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