Solid Societal Solutions to Stop Climate Change (ebook) Jac B. Nijssen


Global warming is accelerating, with astonishing dynamics in earthly processes. Current climate policy overlooks socio-economic causes of our energy hunger. This book questions our way of life and offers, without limiting democracy, solutions to stop climate change by revising the fundamental rules of resource distribution.

Global warming is accelerating. Almost every aspect of earth’s processes (precipitation, temperature, meltdown, sea currents) starts to show dynamics that even scientists are looking at with bewilderment. So far, climate policy has been purely focused on the emissions of machines and processes, and not at all on the way we have organized our mutual dealings, i.e. the way we dance in each other’s arms to make a living. And that is more or less stupid. Because when there are social-economic causes underlying our insatiable hunger for energy (and thus behind the continuous emission growth), then as long as we don’t address those causes we will never get the fossil fuels part out of our energy-mix. The achievement of mitigation then continues to fall outside the bandwidth of behaviour trajectories of the current global economic interplay.

Why didn’t we question our manner of living together? Answer: Where money is at the wheel, the reflection on how we have organized access to the necessities of life is more or less blocked by the persistent illusion that an open liberal democracy is the superior form of mutual interaction; alternative forms are autocratic and dictatorial. Don’t question the system!! Don’t doubt its resilience!

But in this book, we do so nonetheless, cause the abyss comes too close. Based on a thorough systems analysis, we derive how society’s basic rules concerning the distribution of resources will continue to block mitigation. In itself, we don’t need to reveal a startling secret there. It boils down to this: The piston that drives our current economy is that you only get access to the basic necessities of life by competing, and energy guzzling is the main pillar of your competitiveness.

More difficult is how to get rid of that set-up. After all, there are many snags in even small demand-reducing policies (such as taxes) because they have far-reaching implications for all energy-intensive economic activities, putting pressure on a host of fragile social balances around those aspects. However, precisely the broad modeling of the driving forces behind the current world-economic interaction dynamics in this book makes it possible to oversee this minefield, and to make societal interventions conceivable that on the one hand won’t have to run aground in mutual discord, and on the other hand will bring future energy demand under such solid control that the runaway of climate dynamics can still be prevented in time.




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