Health 2.0: the update Lucien Engelen


One year since A Little Booklet About Health 2.0, the Radboud REshape & Innovation Center presents an update. What is the present state of affairs? What are the dilemmas, obstructions, and concerns facing the development of Health 2.0?

Interviews and portraits conveniently provide insight into the future of health care, and how to get there. Patients, doctors, entrepreneurs and administrators elucidate that this is not going to happen by itself. Nevertheless, Health 2.0 has proved to be more than just a hype, it has become reality. The relationship between patient and health-care provider is decidedly undergoing change.

Excerpts from Health 2.0, the update:

“Impose a fee on physicians and health-care institutions that refuse to participate.”

“Less direct contact does not mean that your patient is less central. That’s a perspective from the traditional mode of thinking about health care.”

“I am getting more ‘two-point-o’ by the day. It saves me for example a lot of phone calls with secretaries.”







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