(ebook)Survival Guide to EU Lobbying, including the Use of Social Media Caroline De Cock


What is an efficient EU lobbying strategy? Are there do’s and dont’s you should be aware of, as a businessman or a lobbyist? What is the use made of social media by EU institutions and politicians? sets out how to lobby the EU from the perspective of an actual lobbyist sharing her experience (both good and bad). It also looks at the social media tools that must be taken into consideration when campaigning and details examples of worst and best practices.

The book encompasses three parts:

  • The first part looks at lobbying more generally and gives answers in each of its chapters to the questions: Who should you lobby, About what, When, and How, with practical tips and anecdotes;
  • The second part specifically looks at the use of social media tools (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) in the area of lobbying and politics, including hands-on recommendations;
  • The third part comprises a practical annex, including a description of the European Parliament agenda, a glossary of terms, a comparative table of the various readings under co-decision, several examples of layouts of official documents, etc. will help any business person with activities in Europe and wishing to understand what their company should consider before hiring a lobbyist or setting its lobbying strategy. More generally, lobbyists across the globe, activists, think thanks, journalists, students in political science, business administration and/or law, and anyone interested in understanding the way EU decision-making works and how lobbying is changing under the influence of social media should read the book.

Caroline De Cock brings her hands-on experience as a lobbyist and euroblogger/twitterer to this practical guide to lobbying at the EU level, including the use of social media. She is the owner of N-square Consulting, a Brussels-based lobbying firm specialised in the Internet and telecoms sector, and represents such high tech multinationals and trade associations at EU level.







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