Preaching As Picturing God in a Fragmented WorldStudia Homiletica 8 Lucy Hogan & Theo Pleizier (Eds.)


The Ninth meeting of Societas Homiletica was held from August 1 to 5, 2010, on the campus of Yale Divinity School. In this collection you will read the presidential and keynote addresses that were delivered as well as the papers that were submitted and presented on the theme, Picturing God in a Fragmented World. They are essays that span the globe, from Europe, Asia, North and South America, and Africa.

The addresses and papers challenged us to think about God in new ways; to preach in a fragmented world. They called us to understand that preaching is an impossible and wonderful gift that has the potential to reach out to those who are broken, shattered, lost, stiff-necked, arrogant, confused, and searching – so that we all may be one.

Picturing God in a Fragmented World: I Would Know that Face Anyway (Thomas H. Troeger)
Teaching a Preacher to Talk (Lucy Lind Hogan)
Picturing God Theologically in a Fragmented World (David H. Kelsey)
Response to David Kelsey (Eunjoo Kim)
Response to Sally Promey: Religion in Public Display (Thomas Erne)
Images of God in a Multicultural and Ever-Expanding World. Picturing God Through Culture (Emilie M. Townes)
Response to Emilie Townes: Picturing God through Culture (Ulrike Wagner-Rau)
From Rites of Passage to Rites of Orientation (Ulla Morre Bidstrup)
A Homiletic Reflection on the Theological Aesthetics Involved in Picturing God in Our Fragmented South African Society through the Eyes and Acts of Faith (Ben De Klerk, Friedrich De Wet and Rantoa Letsosa)
Chin Toy and Yong-Seen-Sang: Chinese American Proclaimers of the 19th Century (Gerald Liu)
Cry in the Wilderness or Wilderness in our Cry? When Words Evaporate God (Guillermo W. Méndez)
How to Give a (Postmodern) Sermon (Jacob D. Myers)
Experiment with Freedom Every Day. Regarding the Virtual Dimension of Homiletics (Ilona Nord)
Picturing God in a Fragmented South Africa. A Proposal for the Church in Society (C.W. Plaatjes)
Hearing Sermons and the Vision of God (Theo Pleizier)
Learning to Picture God from Those Who Cannot See (Craig A. Satterlee)
The Sermon as a Fragment of God’s Communication (Carina Sundberg)
I Once Was Found, But Now I’m Lost: The Call to Preach as Disorientation and Reconfiguration (Thomas H. Troeger)