Strategic Intelligence in Future Perspectives (ebook)A vision for how a wide range of management tools and case examples can give you the right insights into strategic intelligence and where to position this phenomenon in your organization Joséph H.A.M. Rodenberg


In his new book ‘Strategic Intelligence in Future Perspectives’, Josèph H.A.M. Rodenberg describes his broad expertise and experiences in strategic intelligence from around 70 perspectives. His central message to top management is to establish the office of strategic intelligence supported with a company radar room nearby the offices of top management.

The intelligence professionals must report to top management for the simple reason that they should prevail senior management of looking like idiots a few years down the road in the best interest of the company and not because of the ego’s.

In Strategic Intelligence in Future Perspectives the author also describes the Intelligence Continuum, whereby he distinguishes four levels of intelligence: marketing intelligence, market intelligence, competitive intelligence and strategic intelligence. Aim of strategic intelligence is getting the need-to-know insights & foresights, future trends and future scenarios of strategic significance.

Josèph H.A.M. Rodenberg is managing partner of Rodenberg Tillman & Associates, based in the Netherlands, founded in 1985, and active in strategic competitive intelligence solutions across Europe. He is recognized in Europe as one of the leading experts in strategic intelligence. Josèph is a well-known speaker/presenter at international seminars, conferences and universities across the world. His two day International Master Class Strategic Competitive intelligence is recognized in Europe and the Far East as the leading training course in strategic competitive intelligence. Since the year 2000 Josèph has published three books on business intelligence, enterprise intelligence and strategic competitive intelligence.








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