The Facilitating Universitypositioning next generation educational technology Piet van der Zanden


This study is aimed at how higher education might cope with the current and upcoming pressures of technology on education. Developments that have had or have an influence in the shaping process of higher education were addressed, a quantitative study on growth patterns and users’ uses from 289 virtual learning environments was conducted, and elaboration on educational technology with gained insights was carried out to deliver a picture of the future educational practice, which we like to call Learning mall.

Higher education is directly and indirectly subjected to pressures of diminishing subsidies, increasing student populations, labour demands, proliferation of technology, and new educational approaches and practices. Higher educations must change to cope with these pressures.

This study ends with seven key principles as a ‘management-set’ to start organising discussions and arrangements for a facilitating university to be at a vanguard position.

Piet van der Zanden (1959) is advisor in the field of ICT in higher education. He acts as a project leader in (inter)- university programs and plays an instigating role in innovative studies for higher education, such as learning centre and next generation classroom.