The Price We Pay for Google (ebook) Peter Olsthoorn


The growth of Google as a gateway to information and entertainment is as dizzying as it is fascinating. Blind trust forms the basis of our relationship with Google, so are we at all aware of the corporation’s selection processes and what it does with information collected about our surfing behavior? Search results are becoming increasingly personalized and so-called ‘free’ services are being paid for with information on our browsing behavior. We have become both the producer of and a product to Google. It even fosters the ambition of becoming our personal advisor. Where will this lead us?

This book will analyze the advantages and risks of the growing power of this corporation. It is not an accusation, but a critical analysis on the basis of facts.

Peter Olsthoorn (1960) studied history before embarking on a career as a successful journalist at various newspapers and magazines in the Netherlands, Germany and the US. He has been publishing daily articles online since as early as ‘95, and is therefore one of the first European journalists in this field. Furthermore, Olsthoorn is currently the Chairman of the Internet Section at the Dutch Association for Journalists, and a member of the Netherlands Press Council.

This ebook contains exclusive interviews with Google Privacy Director Alma Whitten and Danny Sullivan, founder of Search Engine Land. It also contains practical instructions on how to combat data collection about your personal life.






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